Meaning of OEM is very different for us in Home Textile.

Are you a shop owner? Are you willing to buy directly from the original supplier? Do you want to reduce your purchase cost? VB is offering you direct contacts in Home Textile. We are glad to share our experience in purchase and in sales and find the best way to cooperate together. VB is supporting its partners with its deep and long experience in sourcing. We are offering Bedding items under your brand. We are designing your logo, packing, label designs but we are also sharing our sales and running product experinece in the region and in your countries. Alongside the bedding items such as pillows, quilts, protectors you can contact us for bathmats, bedlinens, bed spreads, cushions,  tablewares and accesorizes for retailers and wholesalers.

Soon you’ll find our references here. Follow us or send your inquiry to