Bathmat Collection


Vine Bedding has updated and presented its new Bathmat & Bathrug collection.

In order to find all details about the new collection we invite you to visit VB Bathmat & Bathrug Collection.

You can see some of the designs  and have a considerable opinion of our collection.

To get more information about Bathmats & Bath-rugs please send a request to


Happy Mother’s Day

Mums DayEver heard Mother’s Day called Mothering Sunday? Well, that’s what it used to be called.

In the UK during the 1600s Mother’s Day fell on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Most children worked away from home from the tender age of 11 years back then but they would be allowed to return to their families on this day. They’d pick flowers for their mum on the way and present them to her on Mothering Sunday.

Although a global celebration, Mother’s Day is not the same in every corner of the world. While the UK celebrates it in March, many other countries hold their celebrations in May while Yugoslavia mark the occasion in December! In total, 50 different countries celebrate the day.


Vine Bedding Web Page

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Our team is working hard to make Vine Bedding website online before Evteks Fair. Evteks fair, held in Istanbul between 17-21 May 2016 in CNR Expo center is one of the major activities in our field. This year 22nd seesion will be held. As VB, we’ll be participating to Evteks as a visitor in order to meet our clients, see the new trends in Home Textile.

We are aiming to publish online our website in English and Turkish before the fair. We kindly advice to followers to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest update about our online activitis, latest collections and product updates.