Who are we?

Torlak Tekstil is an Home Textile company producing pillows, duvets, mattress protectors, mattress toppers. We are also dealing with bathmats, bed spreads, bed linens and tablewares. Alongside the bedding products for shops, hotels and wholesalers we are also supplying raw and semi raw materials. Our main goal is to find the best cooperation way together, decrease the cost in procurement for our clients and meet the client with the original supplier.

TT, with its 10 years of experience in Home Textile is operating all over the Middle East, North Africa, Balkans and Middle Asia serving to retail and the wholesale business. We are working together with the wholesale companies to lower their procurement cost, to source the best fit product to their country and collection. We are supporting the shop owners to purchase directly from the suppliers.

We report our activities in the following six business segments:

1. Pillow & Duvets 2. OEM 3. Hotel Bedding 4. Raw & Semi Raw Material supply 5. Online Sales 6. Bathmats & Bathrugs

To get more information continue to read the below segments or send an e-mail to info@torlaktekstil.com.tr

Our Activities

Pillow & Quilt

TTis ambitious to be one of the leading brand for pillows, duvets, matress protectors in this region with our designs, sustainable quality and service. TT is offering from low to high end products with very interesting cost-quality margins. VB is manufacturing mainly microfiber, fiber, fiber ball and feather&down products. Beside we do supply special sleeping products such as bamboo, wool, camel, tencel. Do not hesitate to check our Pillow & Duvet collection. We beleive to have the most efficient collection fitting to your shops.


Are you a shop owner? Are you willing to buy directly from the original supplier? Do you want to reduce your purchase cost? VB is offering you direct contacts in Home Textile. We are glad to share our experience in purchase and in sales and find the best way to cooperate together. VB is supporting its partners with its deep and long experience in sourcing. We are offering Bedding items under your brand. We are designing your logo, packing, label designs but we are also sharing our sales and running product experinece in the region and in your countries. Alongside the bedding items such as pillows, quilts, protectors you can contact us for bathmats, bedlinens, bed spreads, cushions,  tablewares and accesorizes for retailers and wholesalers.

Hotel Bedding

Thanks to our years of experience, strenght in manufacturing, we are very dedicated in Hotel Bedding Business. We supply mainly pillows, duvets, matress protectors, matress pads and pillow cases. We are cooperating mainly with hotel suppliers. We provide full support to hotel suppliers for bedding items. Pricing, sampling proceedures are assured by VP and we work very close with our Hotel Supplier partners using the advantages of manufacturer.

Raw & Semi Raw Material Supply

We are offering finest raw materials and sharing our knoweledge of using, proceeding the raw materials such as feather & down, fiber, fiber ball and microfiber. We provide washed, unwashed, original and recyled feather

Online Sales

Vine Bedding is the e-commerce website of Torla Tekstil. you can find high quality retail products. Our range includes home textile, mother and baby product. To have more information please visit Vine Bedding or email to info@vinebedding.com

Bathmaths & Bathrugs

Our Bathmat Collection consists of 2 lines. Fancy Collection and Soft&Colors. They are all made of %100 Cotton and we are capable of producing all sort of sizes. We are mainly offering medium to high-end items in our collection. However it is alsways possible to create customer’s own designs produce it under the customer’s own brand together.