Pillows & Quilts & Protectors and Mattress Toppers

Thanks to our designs, sustainable quality and service, Vine Bedding is ambitious to be one of the leading brand for pillows, duvets, mattress protectors and Matress toppers in Middle East, Balkans and Middle Asia.  We are offering from low to high-end products with very interesting cost-quality margins. VB is manufacturing mainly microfiber, fiber, fiber ball and feather&down products. Besides, we do supply special sleeping products such as bamboo, wool, camel, tencel. Do not hesitate to check our Pillow & Duvet collection. We believe to have the most efficient collection fitting to your shops or for your distribution.

Our Pillow & Quilt Collection consists of 4 lines. The following sizes are stock-ready:


Pillows: 35×45, 50×70.
Quilts: 95×145, 155×215, 195×215, 220×240
Toppers: 90×200+5, 160×200+5, 180×200+5, 200×200+5
Matress Protectors: 90×200+30, 160×200+30, 180×200+30, 200×200+30


We have 4 basic lines. Each line consist of special filled products.

  1. EXCLUSIVE LINE: Includes special, high-end products suck as wool, bamboo or silk.
  2. ESSENTIAL LINE: Includes natural products. Not only the filling but the fabric also is made of natural material.
  3. COMFORT LINE: Consists of Matress protectors and Matress toppers made of fiber and down.
  4. SMART LINE: is targeting high-end fiber, fiber-ball, microgel, nano fiber products. It is mainly fiber filled products from medium to high range.

See below some of our products. Thanks for sending us your contact details to info@vinebedding.com for more information and our catalogue.

Raw Materials

We are offering finest raw materials and sharing our knowledge of using, proceeding the raw materials such as feather & down, fiber, fiber ball and microfiber. We provide washed, unwashed, original and recycled feather.

Feather & Down

We provide the following materials:

  • Washed original White Duck Down.
  • Washed original White Goose Down.
  • Recycled Duck Down.
  • Recycled Goose Down
  • Furniture Feather.

Fiber & Fiber Ball

We offer raw, and ready to fill fiber filling materials. Our qualities are:

  • 0,9D Microgel.
  • 3D Fiber, Fiber Ball.
  • 6D Fiber Fiber Ball.
  • 7D Fiber Fiber Ball.
  • Fiber Wadding
  • Regenerated Fiber.


  • Bamboo Ball
  • Bamboo Wadding

All qualities have 32mm and 64mm. Please consult us and request your sample.

You can send your inquiries to info@vinebedding.com