We are offering finest raw materials and sharing our knowledge of using, proceeding the raw materials such as feather & down, fiber, fiber ball and microfiber. We provide washed, unwashed, original and recycled feather.

Feather & Down

We provide the following materials:

  • Washed original White Duck Down.
  • Washed original White Goose Down.
  • Recycled Duck Down.
  • Recycled Goose Down
  • Furniture Feather.

Fiber & Fiber Ball

We offer raw, and ready to fill fiber filling materials. Our qualities are:

  • 0,9D Microgel.
  • 3D Fiber, Fiber Ball.
  • 6D Fiber Fiber Ball.
  • 7D Fiber Fiber Ball.
  • Fiber Wadding
  • Regenerated Fiber.


  • Bamboo Ball
  • Bamboo Wadding

All qualities have 32mm and 64mm. Please consult us and request your sample.

You can send your inquiries to info@vinebedding.com